What We Do

Our team at Gibbscorp has a thorough appreciation of the risks businesses encounter. Gibbscorp has teamed up with leading providers to ensure all our clients needs are accounted for, including:

  • General Insurance 
  • Personal Insurance 
  • Risk Management 
  • Premium Funding

Through many years of working with clients to provide innovative, cost effective and dynamic insurance programs, Gibbscorp has evolved into a business that delivers more than just insurance.

Gibbscorp understand that if consumers want their business needs met, they require:

  • Broader scope of offerings
  • First class service
  • Support within their business
  • Consistency

Our clients have a friend who they can call upon at any time, a partner who prioritises their needs, a professional organisation who provides them with the highest service standards and a family who puts their name and reputation on the line to ensure the job gets done. One thing you do get from Gibbscorp is a consistent service, from the same dedicated team.

Gibbscorp takes pride knowing that all our clients have access to the most technical and competent advisers in the industry, ensuring that any difficult risks can easily be placed for a competitive premium.