Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture is directly linked to Directors and Officials liability along with Workers Compensation. Gibbscorp has a strong relationship with 'Five 2 One' who are leaders in this field.

The Five 2 One difference:

As a result of over 20 years practical experience in the field of leadership & team building, Five2One partner with leaders and their teams to develop sustainable high performing cultures characterised by ‘trust’, ‘instinct’ and ‘aspiration’. Through enquiry, observation and analysis, we recognise the unique context in which each client operates. To that end, our programs are designed and facilitated with a focus on developing teams and leaders that are both aspirational and resilient, irrespective of the industry and environment in which they compete. 





Through a proactive approach to addressing workplace culture in regards to risk mitigation, the Five 2 One service has been deemed a success in risk mitigation. Insurers therefore have looked favourable on clients insurance programs who choose to use such services, as clients are deemed to be proactive in reducing their risk profile through adopting these measures. The approach has had a positive result in reducing claims, which has resulted positively on clients premium spend. 

• Culture & Leadership Analysis

• Course Design & Delivery

• Program Facilitation

• Behavioural Profiling

• Executive Coaching